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Massages are a fantastic way to relax and rejuvenate, no matter your age. The Mayo Clinic states that can even lower your heart rate, reduce anxiety and improve your immunity – What more could you ask for?

Here at the Spa at Little River we offer the best massage in NJ. With our convenient East Brunswick location, we’re accessible from the majority of central Jersey making us a massage destination for many. Our luxurious day spa offers packages and additional services liek facials, microdermabrasion and more, so you can easily make a full day of pampering.

Looking to spend sometime with your partner, a friend, or family? Enjoy our Couples & Friends Suite for 2 people, where we have perfected teh art of couple massages and group services.

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Massages at The Spa at Little River

Therapeutic Massage

A combination of Sports & Swedish massage techniques, using light to moderate pressure, Therapeutic Massage is sure to soothe aching muscles and alleviate stress and tension.

50 mins – $100
80 mins – $130
110 mins – $170

Series of 6 – $500/$650/$850

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue massage consists of applying deep pressure, strategic strokes and compression to support healthy tissue development and relieve joint distress and muscle tension. This massage will encourage the release of tight muscles and alleviate pain. Deep Tissue is highly recommended for active individuals who require therapy on particular muscle groups. 

50 mins – $130
80 mins – $150
110 mins – $190

Series of 6 – $650/$750/$950

Couples Massage

Enjoy our Couples & Friends Suite for 2.

Enjoy a Therapeutic Massage for two and experience relaxation, pampering, and luxury together. 

Learn more about couples massages and group services here

*Ask about customizing when booking

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage can be highly recommended for the expecting mom in her 2nd or 3rd trimester. Enjoy a light to medium pressure massage that helps relieve lower back pain, reduce swelling and release sciatica discomfort. Please consult with your physician prior to scheduling an appointment.

50 mins – $110

Series of 6 – $525

Bestie Massage

Bestie massage is highly recommended for a day that you would like to relax with your bestie. Enjoy a combination of therapeutic and deep tissue ending with a hot oil scalp massage. Each service is served with a glass of champagne.

50 mins/ For 2 – $300

50 mins/ For 1- $150


Heated Stone Massage

Traditional therapeutic massage techniques are combined with heated stones that are strategically placed on various pressure points on the body. This luxurious treatment will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

80 mins – $150

Series of 6 – $750

Refresher Massage

Treat yourself to a full body massage in just 30 minutes. Even with your busy schedule – you can still lower anxiety, relieve headaches and just simply let yourself relax. 

30 Min – $65

Little River Signature Massage

The ultimate massage experience. A combination of therapeutic, deep tissue, and stone. Indulge in this three in one remedy accompanied by a deep scalp massage and a warm hand and foot treatment using essential oils to sooth the mind, body, and soul.

80 mins – $180

Series of 6 – $900


Treat yourself to a Mafacial, a combination of 3 services. A traditional therapeutic massage accompanied by a deep scalp massage and a refresher facial. This service will leave you feeling with less stress and rejuvenated.

95 mins – $185

Series of 6 – $925

Massage Enhancements


Essential oils added to your massage for the ultimate balance of body & mind.


Heated Stone Spot Treatment

A placement of heated stones on specific pressure points on the body. Helps relieve tension and relax the muscle. Add to any massage.


Scalp Massage


Warm Scrub Foot Massage


Foot & Calf Massage


Reflexology Foot Massage


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